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     Our boutique, Arabella, opened in January 2003 located in the Historic District of Bellingham, WA known as Fairhaven.  We carry an eclectic variety of merchandise including beautiful clothing, jewelry, accessories, fragrances and soaps, home goods and specialty vintage and antique items. 

     Our philosophy from the outset has been that a minimum of 50% of our clothing lines, jewelry and personal goods were to be manufactured in the USA.  We appreciate the beauty and craft of internationally sourced merchandise, particularly things that are truly regional to specific countries and areas.  We believe that striving for a balance of quality made American goods with exceptional imports offers our customers an enjoyable and responsible shopping experience.  We have traveled to many of our USA suppliers to verify the sustainability practices of their business as well as verifying domestic manufacturing.  We have worked closely with most of our international suppliers for more than 10 years, seeking out fair trade and responsible employment businesses.  We also take additional measures to verify fabric contents, precious metals, etc., as well as items labeled “organic”. We carry goods from USA, Canada, Thailand, Ecuador, India, France, Uruguay, England, China, Italy, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Australia, Vietnam, Poland, Guatemala, Turkey, Morocco, Israel, Nepal  many more places around the world.  It is worth noting that while some of the manufacturers we work with list a foreign location for “made in”, that same apparel is often designed, cut, dyed or finished in the USA.  Due to federal laws, manufacturers are required to list any foreign location where any portion of manufacturing takes place.  In other words, a blouse may be designed & fabric sourced here in the US, then sent overseas for assembly and returned back to a US location to have buttons added, finish work, pressing and packing for shipment.  This type of manufacturing is much more of a partnership which employs both an American and foreign work force even though the garment will be labeled “Made in China”.  We also proudly source locally made artisan items from the Pacific Northwest.

      Our clothing lines are all about quality.  Natural fibers are a mainstay and finding styles outside of the ordinary is our ongoing mission.  We strive to provide opportunities for customers to experience beauty, luxury and rarity at the most affordable prices possible.  We carry classic styles, ‘art to wear’, and so much in between.  Most of our apparel will be constructed with cotton, tencel, silk, linen, bamboo, wool, cashmere, rayons, or poly blends fabrics.  We are here to provide fabric care information to our customers.  With the exception of beaded items, wools and velvets, nearly all of our clothing is washable.

      Our jewelry is primarily made with .925 sterling silver.  We search out the most beautiful semi precious gemstones in rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.  Our fashion jewelry earrings are generally made with sterling silver or hypo-allergenic wires and posts.  We have many antique and vintage looking jewelry items, but all of our jewelry is new.  The owner of Arabella has been creating jewelry for many years.  Susan’s jewelry is made for the Water Trees Sky label and is currently available exclusively at Arabella. We proudly carry La Vie Parisienne (USA), Sweet Romance (USA) and Silver Seasons (USA) jewelry lines, and more.  We have many selections made by Pacific Northwest artisans.  Susan travels North America and internationally to seek out artistic talent and find treasures to bring back to our customers.

      In 2015 we faced the reality of ever rising overhead costs along with manufacturing cost increases and made the decision to close our retail storefront.  We are pleased and excited to convert our boutique to an internet accessible presence.  We will continue our special service and offer exceptional items on our website.  Please feel free to email us anytime with questions or comments at For the sake of clarity and continuity as well as haveing an historical record of communications, we do not have a telephone contact number. All communication must be though

     Thank you for taking a look!